January 2016

I love Aptoide, and here what I found on the site:

“In 2009, Aptoide launched as a project to develop a Marketplace in the Android Platform. Later, in 2011 it was incorporated as a spin-off of CM Software, an open-source company.

Aptoide allows Developers, OEM, Telcos and Integrators to create and manage their own Android store. Our partners can also upload and distribute their Android Apps through their own stores.
If you’re an end-user we provide the Aptoide client App, giving you the opportunity to manage downloads, updates and access to stores.

On the client side we provide the Aptoide client app to manage downloads, updates and the stores you want to access.
We have an open-source version of the client available to the community (http://aptoide.org), although Aptoide also provides customization, branding and services to our partners, adding value over the open-source version.”


2 Billion downloads Tablet giveaway. Enter to win!

Aptoide reached 2 Billion downloads. That’s it. With 9 zeros. 2 000 000 000 downloads (and counting). To celebrate, we partnered up with the guys from Cube, to give away this device.

Just follow the steps bellow so that you can gain entries to the contest. In the end, the platform will automatically select a winner.

Have you entered our Tablet #giveaway? Its an octa-core 7 inches tablet from Cube.Go for it! http://owl.li/WsvR2


Aptoide offers partners the possibility to create and manage their own App Store, choosing the content and the format that best suits their targets. This unique approach, founded on a community of users’ collaborative work, allows rapid growth to the Apps marketplace ecosystem.


Why Aptoide?

Start your marketplace today

Aptoide offers self-care service subscriptions for partners, so you can start your marketplace in a few hours.

Fully customizable

Aptoide’s Android app and website can be fully customized. Also, if you need a custom made Aptoide solution within your own infrastructure we can provide it. Look up some examples of customized stores:

World Wide Market Place

Currently Aptoide supports 30 different languages including: Arabic, Catalan, Croatian, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish. And we are working continuously to offer more languages every month.

Competitive and flexible cost

You may choose from a free partner subscription using Aptoide brand, up to a highly customizable platform with your own brand, applications and infrastructure.

Excellent revenue share conditions

Aptoide offers better revenue sharing conditions for partners than most of its competitors, including apps, mobile and web advertisement revenues.


Who can benefit from Aptoide Partners Program?

Device manufacturers (OEM): ship your Android smartphones and tablets with your Android marketplace and generate revenue

Software publishers: setup your own store to spread your software and control your distribution channel

Telecoms: establish partnerships for content, manage your Android marketplace and make revenue from the existent client-base with an unique over-the-top (OTT) offer

Integrators, regional or vertical markets: use your knowledge and network in a local, vertical or niche segment to create a profitable business that benefits from the fast growing of Android ecosystem


What clients say about Aptoide:

“We have researched about developing our own App Store but the development cost and lack of knowledge about App Store operations were preventingus from starting the App Store project. The time to market and richness of apps that are in our store surprised us. I would recommend Aptoide service because of its easiness and cost effectiveness.”

Erdenesukh UNITEL / U store (Mongolia)